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Launched Aug 2021

The new way of saving: more money without making sacrifices.
Smartsaver is that easy: switch contracts with just a few clicks, invest the savings in a stock savings plan (ETF), wait for the increase in value – that’s it! Save without sacrificing anything. Very easily.

This is how smart saving works
Small savings goal or big dream – with Smartsaver you can achieve your dream faster. Transparent, free of charge and without you having to do without anything. Switch to cheaper contracts with the Smartsaver app and lay the foundation for your investment.

Smartsaver app tariffs
Never spend too much again
Saving with contracts – sure, you’ve heard it before. But tariff comparisons are often tedious and time-consuming: dozens of offers, extremely long lists of results, complicated filters and too many options. The Smartsaver app does this work for you and suggests four tariffs – simple, transparent, cheaper. First, Smartsaver allows you to switch your electricity and gas supplier; further exchange offers will follow.

Automatic change of contract
With Smartsaver you can switch to a cheaper provider with just a few clicks. On request, Smartsaver analyzes your contracts and automatically searches for the best tariff for you. Same performance at a better price. The new provider takes over the termination of the old contract. You need to worry about anything.

Build Savings
Step one done – now comes step two! You can invest the amount that you will save in the future thanks to Smartsaver in a savings plan. This is also very easy to do with our app. You are in control of how much of your savings you invest. You have everything under control at all times.

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  • RxSwift
  • Kotlin
  • Spring Boot/Java
  • IaC – Terraform
  • AWS + Serverless components

Screen Samples

Onboarding screen | text2speech player feature